Specialized Physical Therapy Exercises & Treatments

Come to Essex Physical Therapy in Essex Junction, Vermont, to receive the area's best treatment for your physical ailment. We provide excellent physical therapy treatments and exercises for patients.

Why physical therapy?

Physical Therapy is a conservative treatment method that addresses the treatment, healing and prevention of various injuries, including overuse and sports related issues, disabilities, and post-surgical rehabilitation.
Physical therapists can teach specific exercises, stretches, and techniques to address problems that cannot be managed without specialized treatment that will be unique to what your body needs.
Therapists are trained to identify deficiencies in the biomechanics of the body. They can target specific areas of weakness, identify postural asymmetries, and work to relieve stress at the muscles and joints, to help the body function without pain.
Other areas within Physical Therapy are ergonomic (body mechanic) training, fitness/wellness programs, and education and prevention.
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