Name: Julia Sturgess

"The care from EPT was crucial to my success as a dancer."
Name: Michael DiMambro

"Estelle and the Essex PT staff have helped me through my injuries, as well as taught me proper placement and posture to prevent further injuries."
Name: The Blanck Family

"We started to see Estelle and her team at Essex Physical Therapy well over a year ago. EPT worked with me after knee surgery and I ran my first marathon this past spring! Our daughter has struggled with flexibility in her feet and has been in and out of braces and casts. Estelle continues to motivate this six year-old with realistic and effective exercises and we are passing milestone after milestone and no longer need casting. My husband is so motivated by his progress that he does not mind the 35 minute drive and has managed to delay surgery on his hip for 12 months and counting. You walk into Essex Physical Therapy and one hour later, you feel like a new person. Thanks EPT!"
Name: VM

"Cynthia Cantwell not only is one of the finest people, but an expert in her profession. She is a masterful therapist and gifted healer. She has given me a new outlook and physical well-being. I am a grateful patient and a valued supporter of her and the entire Essex Physical Therapy staff."
Name: Anna M. Dorey

"I had many problems when I came to Estelle at Essex Physical Therapy three years ago. She patiently worked with me through my ups and downs. She has always been knowledgeable about what she was doing, but also didn’t hesitate to get others input when dealing with my many problems. She remained optimistic and determined to get me to the point where I could function without constant pain and to enjoy life again. It was a long road we traveled together but I am now pain-free and able to walk, exercise, and do the many things I had not been able to enjoy for years. She remains a positive force in my life!"
Name: Michele

"I recommend Essex Physical Therapy all the time. These people know what they are doing! I got very professional help from very personable, committed physical therapists, who were able to rid me of my pain and give me strategies to maintain that progress on my own at home. They provide very individualized treatment, attending to your specific body, history, and present situation. The office is a warmly decorated space, which reflects the personality of the management and the service they provide in general."
Name: Tanner

"Without the dedication from the staff at Essex Physical Therapy, my injury would have kept me on the sidelines. They managed to actually make me faster and stronger while I was undergoing rehab."
Name: Brenda Mumley

"I was having problems with my knee and foot and my orthopedic surgeon referred me to Essex Physical Therapy. Having been under the care of EPT with Casey Douglass, I have been making extreme progress. Thank you so much EPT!"
Name: Michael Mumley

"I was referred to Essex Physical Therapy by Associates in Orthopedic Surgery after having both shoulders operated on. I had a lot of damage in both shoulders and it is extremely difficult to have both shoulders fixed within a few months. I asked my doctor to refer me to the best in the business . I was referred to see Casey Douglass at EPT and she worked extremely hard to make a speedy recovery for me. Thank you so much EPT."
Name: Ellen

"My therapists, Estelle and Cindy, are the most caring, sincere women I know. They feel immediately what your needs are, to make you comfortable, and release the pain you have. You always leave the office happier and with a lot less pain.
P.S. I always recommend Essex Physical Therapy to all my friends!"
Name: Gary Davis DDS

“My experience with Essex Physical Therapy has been exceptional! The physical therapists I have worked with over the six month recovery from a major injury/surgeries have been incredibly skilled, knowledgeable, and caring. The office staff are extremely helpful with coordinating appointments and insurance issues. The caring, personal touch from start to finish is what defines Essex Physical Therapy."
Aquatic Therapy Pool
Name: M. Sandoval MD, Internal Medicine

"I have been extremely pleased with all the care and services my patients have received from the wonderful physical therapists at Essex Physical Therapy and Essex Aquatic & Rehab Center. I feel very confident referring my patients to them as I know they will be taken care of."
Name: Sue Downing

"Pam is my hero! She’s extremely knowledgeable, explained my condition and the corrective exercises thoroughly, and in a manner that I could relate to. I’m very appreciative. I feel Pam does a superior job. It was a pleasure to work with her."
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Name: Brittany Knight

"Jim always took the time to make sure I was doing the exercises correctly. Very patient. My knee has never felt so good."
"A very friendly and knowledgeable staff where my care was their most important issue."Brent Bresette

Physical Therapy and Long-Term Consequences of Torticollis

Although my baby was born with Torticollis, the problem went undetected until she was 4 months old, when our pediatrician noticed her left eye was less open than the right side. He suggested we see Estelle Le Clair for physical therapy who quickly cured the most obvious manifestation of Torticollis in our daughter Sonia, who is now 4 years old. Physical therapy was highly effective in strengthening and training our daughter's neck muscles to move in both directions. In addition, Estelle encouraged a reluctant mover to roll, sit, and eventually crawl (though she much preferred scooting). All of these seemingly natural and easy movements were, in fact, quite difficult for Sonia. Now, at age 4, Sonia continues occasional physical therapy for assistance with basic activities like running, walking up and down stairs , climbing, and riding a bike. The long-term effects of Torticollis are real, but in my personal experience they can be ameliorated with physical therapy. Estelle is a miracle worker!
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Name: Ann Laberge

"Pam Currier has given me back control of my body. For 15+ years, the pain in my body often had control over me. Despite the many, many healthcare professionals from whom I’d sought help, I continued to have frequent periodic bouts of pain. (I avoid most pain meds as they present their own can of worms.) Pam armed me with the insight and exercises to use my body differently and eliminate the positional causes that created the pain. My eyes tear up with relief and thankfulness."
Baby, Torticollis